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Virtue31 asked 4 years ago

Hello.  My webpage was running great until yesterday evening. I am able to log into the WP-Admin site but when I click on Appearance–Customize I can’t see the Frontpage. When I click on “Visit Site” while in the dashboard area the page is completely blank.  When you log out of the Admin site and type in http://www.virtue31ministry.org the link shows up but the webpage is completely blank.  
I think that I may have installed 1-2 plug-in updates yesterday.  I don’t recall it being a Genesis Framework update. 

I don’t know how to revert updates nor how to access the FTP files.  Any advice on what may be the issue?

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Jennifer Staff answered 4 years ago

This has been happening a lot lately since everyone is updating PHP and many plugins are not compatible.  Please email your hosting login, cpanle, or FTP info to jennifer@helloyoudesigns.com and I can hop on and see what is happening

Virtue31 replied 4 years ago

Hello. I just emailed the URL and passcode.

Jennifer Staff answered 4 years ago

This was from the Gutenberg Plugin.  Your theme is already gutenberg ready and having the plugin trying to add the function breaks the site.  I deleted the plugin and now the site loads.

corey hudson replied 4 years ago

This is happening to me too. But without the Gutenberg plugin, i cant add a new blog post it just says error. With the plugin I can add or edit a post fine but site is blank. My email is chudson9279@yahoo.com site is http://www.hudsonfarmhouse.com