Image widgets not working after update

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Rachel Hampton asked 4 years ago

Hi, I’m currently using the hello luv theme for my site. The Social Warfare plugin updated and crashed my site. In order to fix, I had to manually remove the plugin from my c panel. It appears that somewhere between the plugin update and the fix, my image widgets have stopped working. When I go to the customizer in WordPress, the images still show as being loaded. I’ve tried re-uploading the pictures, deleting the widget and re-adding it, and tweaking the visibility, but nothing seems to be working. 

Rachel Hampton replied 4 years ago

UPDATE: I disabled the “lazy load” for images in the Jetpack plugin and that seemed to fix the problem!

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Jennifer Staff answered 4 years ago

I’m glad that fixed the image issue. For the Social Warfare, I’m not sure why that would have crashed the site. We are still running it on all of the demo sites that are using that vs the Simple Share plugin. An alternative would be to use the Genesis Simple Share plugin. The theme has code in it to style it and also change the colors just like the Warfare plugin.

Rachel Hampton replied 4 years ago

Yea, it looked like a random bug on Social Warfare’s end. I’ll give Simple Share a try!