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Olivia Stinton asked 5 years ago

Hello! I have the Hello Maker theme and I need to change the font, including the color and size. I also needing to change the background of the header menu just like the demo. In the demo when you scroll down a white bar comes on the menu so you can still read it. I don’t know why that isn’t enabled on my end.
Thank you!

1 Answers
Jennifer Staff answered 5 years ago

If the white bar is not working, that means there is a java error on the site.  What is your url?

Olivia Stinton replied 5 years ago

It is it
Is still obviously being made so that’s why it looks so weird!

Also, how do I change the fonts?

Jennifer Staff replied 5 years ago

Do you want google fonts or premium? You have 4 errors on the site, popup optin, woocommerce, google maps, and something that is creating a masonry gallery. Can you send your login to I can hop on and see if it is all 4 or if 1 is causing the others to break.

Olivia Stinton replied 5 years ago

Sure!!! I would like to change both fonts. Mainly the cursive font that is throughout.’ It doesn’t fit my aesthetic.

I just sent the email to you!!!