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Arturo Munonz asked 4 years ago

Hello, I’ve built several pages (not posts) and attempted to apply the templates that came with the Hello Maker theme to my content. None of the templates are displaying my content differently in style. All embed a Hello Maker header block titled “For the Female Entrepreneur” subtitled “An Everything Theme designed for Bloggers & Business Owners”, along with a series of corresponding images and inactive buttons and even an opt-in form titled “Tips Tricky Update” before even displaying my own content further down the page and with breadcrumbs that I’ve not activated for display.

Also, none of the templates provide full width display, which is what I was after.

So, I downloaded Fullwidth Page Templates (ver. 1.0.3) by Brainstorm Force and activated it. It added 3 additional templates to the Gutenberg drop-down menu under the “Page Attributes” section of my toolbar, but it also disabled all those in the Hello Maker theme. The template names still displayed in the template drop-down. But now none, when applied to my content, displayed the aforementioned block of extraneous Hello Maker content for my page. However, also all of the templates ended up making my page content look fullwidth. So, next, I disabled the Fullwidth Page Templates plugin and everything returned to normal.

But, normal is not acceptable. All of your Hello Maker templates look the same and add the extraneous content, which makes no sense. That is to say, the template name shows up in a drop-down. But when applied to the page being published, all templates display the page’s content identically, no matter which one I chose, whether I run a plugin or not. They all display zero distinct styles between them.

I’ve gone to my cPanel to look for these template files to view whether they’re all coded the same way. I followed the path public_html –> wp-content –> themes –> hello_maker –> and I viewed (never modified) the php in these files, and all of them have different code. They seem to be written to apply different styles for each.

Therefore, there must be something else happening that is not allowing the code to be read and applied to the content on my pages as the template may require.

Could you please help me with this?



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Jennifer Staff answered 4 years ago

Can you email your url and login to jennifer@helloyoudesigns.com 
And also the pages that should be different.  I’m not sure that I totally follow the above.  

Arturo Munonz replied 4 years ago

Hi, Jennifer! Thank you for your help. Please follow this link for a walk-through of the issue. If after understanding it, you wish login credentials to the backend, I’ll be happy to send them to you via email.




Jennifer Staff answered 4 years ago

For the preview part, Gutenbergs preview does not always work.  Many times it needs to be published to see the changes, which is what looks like is happening here.  It does that with the page layouts as well.  It is a known error with the new editor and hopefully is addressed in the next round of updates. 
For the footer, that is designed to show on every single page throughout the site.  The stuff that is in the top is not part of the theme.  I’m thinking you may have it in the Above Content Widget area, or some other spot.
For the full width, there is not a full width template built into the theme, but is something that you can change in the code. 
I don’t mind at all logging on if you need help finding where that top info is that is showing.

Arturo Munonz replied 4 years ago

Thank you, Jennifer. You were right about the Above Content Widget. It had preloaded Hello You Designs material that we’d not removed yet. And we will return to using WordPress’ legacy editor until Gutenberg gets a patch for its page Preview functionality. I think the issue is resolved now. I appreciate how quickly you expedited support. Thanks again!