Just got a google console warning about my blog for mobile

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foodshooter asked 4 years ago

Hi Jennifer, so I just got an email from google saying I have mobile usability issues for my blog.
It says:
The following issues were found on your site:

Content wider than screen
Clickable elements too close together
Text too small to read

Can this be fixed?  I had to remove all the sliders ( super sad about that ) because they slowed down my site massively and removed the instagram widget at the bottom of the pages as well. I know those were full width. Do you think it’s the background image? Any ideas?

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Jennifer Staff answered 4 years ago

Yes, did they give a specific page? Nothing looks off on the homepage so I’m wondering if it is an interior page.

foodshooter replied 4 years ago

Howdy – ok so it was a blog post using the Thrive builder. I hate that thing so I adjust some stuff on that page and then clicked, “verify” so let’s see if that fixed it. I’m working on rebuilding all my pages and posts that were built with thrive.

Adam Dobay replied 3 years ago

Hi foodshooter, I don’t know if you’re still coming back here but it might be useful for others who have this issue in the future.
I’ve had this happen over at our blog as well and the one thing that always ticked those errors off is if a comment was left by a user that had a long URL. Desktop browsers usually are wide enough or insert a line break to get around this, but some mobile browsers don’t insert a line break and therefore try to render the full line, shrinking the display and making it look like the site is really small, thus prompting the Google Console warning.
Hope this helps you or others who get the same message. 🙂