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Ashley Beckwith asked 8 months ago

I have the Hello Boho template and while there is a “view shop” button on the main homepage, there don’t appear to be any shop templates that I can use with Woo Commerce. Do I have to build these from scratch? 

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Jennifer Staff answered 8 months ago

With woocommerce you can select to install the default shop pages, which is Shop, Cart, Checkout, My Account. Once those are installed, they automatically work as you add products and set up your shop. To add those pages if they are not already installed, go to Woocommerce > Status > Tools Tab > Scroll down and find Create Default Woocommerce Pages. That will install them and assign them to the woocommerce settings.

You can also choose to build a custom shop page, if you want something more detailed than the default shop that comes with woocommerce. An example is the Theme page on HelloYouDesigns

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